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Photography is the silent of your brand!​

Today we live in a visual age. Your customers are constantly bombarded with advertisements and images, of varying quality. Make yours stand out from the crowd with quality food photography and styling that creates a powerful call to action that your customers can’t resist.

You have less than 1 second to capture your potential customers attention.

Can your current images do that for you?

“Working with Jennifer was fantastic. She interpreted my needs exactly and (over) delivered on the look, theme, and quality of my brand with her shots. If you are looking for the ultimate food photographer Jennifer is the best!! Hire her now before the secret is out!!

Annette Jones

Posh Tucker

“Thanks, Jennifer, I absolutely love the photos. You did an amazing job! You took Chef Tony’s passion and made it look beautiful. Thanks a million!”

Kate Honeff

Ocean View Estate

“Jennifer has a wonderfully artistic eye and was able to make even the simplest dishes look spectacular!”

Marianne Kersen

Gourmet Meals

I loved working with Jennifer on our Christmas photo shoot. She was flexible, easy to deal with and her styling fit my brief perfectly. The photos were excellent – I will definitely be calling Jennifer in the future to do more work with us.”

Amy Tiller

Sherwood Organic Meats

What's the Investment?

You could certainly keep using stock or poor quality images, and wondering why no one understands just how special your food and products are enough to click “buy”.


What is the value of images that attract your target audience, stand our from the crowd and convert to sales?  If you sold more in your business, what’s it to you: $5K? $10K? $100K?


Or …


We can work together to create beautiful, bespoke on brand images that tell the story of your brand. Simply put, quality food images drive sales and grows your business. When your visuals sing, they tell your story and drive the sale.

Quality food photography clears the clutter, quickly connecting you with your ideal client.


It explains your “why” and unique story.
It creates an instant connection with your customers.
It cuts through the digital noise and helps you stand out from the crowd.
It whets their appetite for more and drives sales.


How much is your unclear imaging costing you?

Start at $499

Start at $699