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Your current visuals aren't cutting it. 

That’s why you’re here, right? 

Your customers aren’t drooling over your latest offering or clicking like on Instagram… and as a result they’re not buying whatever it is you’re selling. 

That’s where I come in. 

As a photographer, food stylist and creative thinker who has worked with brands such as Wendy's, Continental, Sodastream, Cleavers, Borrowdale, Veggie Delights and more creating powerful images that sell… I know a thing or two about creating mouthwatering images that make people hungry for more and importantly buy what you're selling.

There's a lot of noise out there. 

I help you get noticed!

-Anette Jones, Posh Tucker

Working with Jennifer was fantastic. She interpreted my needs exactly and (over) delivered on the look, theme, and quality of my brand with her shots. If you are looking for the ultimate food photographer Jennifer is the best!! Hire her now before the secret is out!!

- Marianne Kersen,Gourmet Meals

Jennifer has a wonderfully artistic eye and was able to make even the simplest dishes look spectacular!

- Laura Anderson,Moreish Menu

Jennifer really understands how to convey what the brand IS and does not simply just take beautiful photos of food. It is the difference in making your brand have a FEEL and not just be devoid of character.

- Karen Bourke, Wendy's Milk bar

I really appreciate all your hard work on these projects, you have made the process so enjoyable. The end result is amazing!!


Today we live in a visual age.

Your customers are constantly bombarded with advertisements and images, of varying quality.

Make yours stand out from the crowd with quality food photography and styling that creates a powerful call to action that your customers can't resist.

Powerful visuals that stand out from the crowd. 

bespoke on brand images

stephanie rice for Veggie Delights

Did you know that customers that visit your website or view your profiles on social media make purchasing decisions based on the first few images they see?

If your customers aren’t drooling over your latest offering or clicking like on Instagram… they’re not buying whatever it is you’re selling. People form their first impression of your brand and products within a mere 50 milliseconds. This is why quality photography is so important. It builds trust, a perception of quality and value and can make or break a customers purchasing decision. 

That’s where I come in. 

I partner with food businesses who are invested in augmenting their visual identity through food photography and food styling. Using a holistic approach I take the time to understand your business, brand and customers in order to create a strong visual identity with food images that appeals to your customers and drives sales.


Couldn't you do with a boost in sales?

grow your bottom line

Take a look at my most recent work. I work with businesses of all sizes to help tell their brand story and attract more of their ideal clients. Remember, when you're working on your business, you're not working in your business!

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Extend your photography investment further. Using the still images from your photography session I can create powerful, on brand, attention grabbing videos that demand attention. 

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Based in Canberra, ACT.
Working with clients worldwide.

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