Hi, I'm Jennifer!

I’m the Owner and Creative Director of Jennifer Schmidt Photography and Styling. I’m a food photographer and stylist based in Brisbane. My clients include brands such as SodaStream, Continental, Maille, Vegie Delights, ING Direct, FivePointFour, Muchas Gazpacho, Madders Brothers and many more.

From a young age I’ve always been drawn to the magic of food. An artist at heart, my love of food was fueled by beautifully photographed cookbooks that I would spend hours reading. With a background in IT it was only natural that I was drawn to combining my artistic nature  and love of food with technology. And so I was drawn to the world of food photography and styling. 

My mission is to partner with brands and businesses of all sizes to create beautiful bespoke images which effortlessly showcase your food and food products in such a mouthwatering way that you truly stand out from your competitors.

As a food photographer who is also a food stylist, I’m in the unique position of being able to perform the role of two specialists, saving your business time and money in the process. I’ll conceptualise and construct sets that compliment your food and captures the essence of your brand in a way that stock images never can.

Whether you’re after high-quality images for your menu, packaging, magazine, or anything else I’ll work with you to ensure that the first impression is the best impression.

“Working with Jennifer was fantastic. She interpreted my needs exactly and (over) delivered on the look, theme, and quality of my brand with her shots. If you are looking for the ultimate food photographer Jennifer is the best!! Hire her now before the secret is out!!
Anette Jones
Posh Tucker