Jennifer Schmidt

I help ambitious businesses stand out from the crowd by crafting high-converting visuals!

I’m a photographer and stylist dedicated to helping businesses achieve clarity of identity and stand out from the crowd through the creating of high-converting images that drive sales, increase customer loyalty and engagement.

I’m obsessed with cooking, a good cup of green tea, dark chocolate (it’s gotta be 70% at least) and champagne!

I haven’t always been a photographer, in fact, my background is in IT managing software development teams with account management thrown in. I’ve always been curious about how things work and why but could never switch off my creative side, which is what lead me into photography and styling.

What really gets me fired up? Helping people grow their business with powerful on brand images that evoke the senses, remain ingrained in memory and most importantly sell!

Isn’t it time you updated your brand visuals?

Getting to know you....

Favourite Quote?

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must be different.”
– Coco Chanel

Favourite Book?

My Life in France by Julia Child.

What do you collect?

Props such as vintage and antique kitchen items. 

Go-to drink?

Champagne is always my first choice. If that’s not available a Margarita with resposado tequila and heavy on the lime!

Favourite TV series binge?

Seinfeld (how can you not love that show!!) The Expanse. Downton Abbey. Rick Stein’s Secret France or Long Weekends.

Favourite playlist?

Jazz – particularly anything by Mary Lou Williams, Dorothy Donegan, Dizzy Gillespie, and Frank Sinatra


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