Jennifer Schmidt

Canberra product photographer

hi, I'm Jennifer!

Canberra photographer & stylist

Need images that make a big statement? Then I’m your girl!

I’m an Australian product photographer and stylist who understands how to make your brand come alive through powerful, rich, and on-brand images that engages the senses and compels people to buy.

I work with brands and businesses to help them find clarity of identity and stand out from the crowd. I do this by creating high-converting images that drive sales, increase customer loyalty and engagement.

I’ve worked with brands such as Sofitel, Wendy’s, Sodastream, Vegie Delights and many more creating powerful on-brand images that grab the senses, remain imprinted in memory, and, most importantly, sell!

Isn’t it about time you updated your brand’s visual identity?


I help growing businesses stand out from the crowd by crafting images that sell!

Today we live in a visual age. Your customers are constantly bombarded with advertisements and images, of varying quality. Make yours stand out from the crowd by working with a quality food and product photographer who can create images that act as a powerful call to action that your customers can’t resist.

Isn’t it time for images that sell?

Canberra Food Photographer

Ready For Images That Sell?

If you would like to book a session or you would just like to find out more about my services, get in touch today to find out how I can help your brand stand out from the crowd with high-converting visuals.