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Why Product Photography is Important:
A Case Study

Moreish Menu create Artisan lavosh crackers made using only the finest organic & Australian premium ingredients, so when they came to me for product photography they not only wanted to showcase their unique five flavour combinations of crackers but also really encapsulate their brand values of high quality & premium luxe products.

After being in business for over a year they were ready to take their products to the next level and knew why hiring an experienced product photographer was important to their brand. This meant using the I images to escalate Moreish Menu into a fully fledged premium brand. As one of the co-founders put it, ‘photography is everything to our business at this point’.

To achieve the premium luxury look Moreish Menu wanted I used dark backgrounds and quality props, whilst keeping the product the central focus of the images.

The dark background really helped the product packaging pop and draw the eye of the viewer and really gives consumers the feeling that they are buying a product that is high quality, up-market, special and full of flavour.

They loved the concept and the photos that were produced, saying ‘The look and feel were exactly as we envisaged and hoped to convey. We loved the choice of backdrop to be dark to really contrast the white minimalism of the packaging of the crackers. The bright contrasts of the additional food on the platters created beauty and interest.

When asked if the investment of having professional photos done was worth it to their business they responded, ‘Absolutely yes! We couldn’t progress as a brand without them. Jennifer really understands how to convey what the brand IS and does not simply just take nice photos of food. It is the difference in making your brand have a FEEL and not just be devoid of character.’

Moreish Menu Tasting Tray

In order to increase sales and more importantly pitch their product to their desired target audience Moreish Menu understood the value of having to make the investment in hiring a professional food photographer in order to take their business to the next level. They instinctively knew that high quality beautifully styled images would not only add to their brand’s credibility but also help strengthen their brand message and values and allow for quicker connection with their target audience.

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