Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of ways we can work together and this includes everything from commercial photography, editorial work, food styling and photography, recipe development, video and more. 

How much is an image worth?

Can you put a price on the additional sales it can generate?

Photography is an extension of your brand and part of your overall visual presence in the market. 

Senses like smell, touch and taste are things we take for granted but are integral for brands to build long lasting relationships with their customers. Images are a perfect way to convey senses, feelings and experiences. 

As a guide, photography and styling sessions start from $1,200+. 

+ Pre-session questionnaire to understand your branding and image needs
+ 30 minute planning session conducted via phone or Zoom video call
+ Brand Strategy and Creative Direction
+ Prop Selection
+ Color Palette
+ Set design
+ Use of a large range of props and photography services
+ Photography and styling of your food and products
+ Basic post-production image editing (ie colour correction and sharpening)
+ Beautiful bespoke on brand images

What does it Cost?

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I’ll need you to set aside time to devote to this project. A good chunk of that time will go towards gathering all the information I need to create your images. You are responsible for completing the pre-session questionnaire, shot list and gathering all the information I need to do my job.

Below is a guide of things I will need from you:

+ what type of services do you require? Do you need photography,  styling, props?
+ when do you need the images? 
+ a carefully documented shot list which should include - each item to be photographed, the angle you require (ie portrait, landscape, square etc), whether styling is required, will the image be cropped for use and what will the dimensions be?
+ where do you want the shoot to take place? Does it have natural light?
+ what will be photographed? Who will be preparing the food? 
+ how do you plan to use the images? Will they be used on social media, marketing materials, billboards, product packaging?
+ who is your ideal customer? What are their dreams, hopes and desires?
+ what is your unique selling proposition?
+ can you supply your brand style guide?

What do You need from Me?

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The number of shots we can capture in a day is dependant on a number of factors. These include:
+ the type of food or product we are capturing. Beverages, products in bottles and ice cream are particularly time consuming. + your overall vision are we aiming for perfect or real life
+ how complex the set will be
+ the number of setups/sets we will be using
+ are we shooting variations

How many images can I expect From a Session?

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To begin I will send you an email questionnaire to get a good idea of your needs then we will chat on the phone or via video call to  really hone in on the specifics so that I understand your brand and target customers.

You will then mail your product to me and I'll schedule in your session. 

Do you work with Interstate Clients?

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Below are a couple of ways you can reduce the cost of your session:

+ complete a detailed shot list. I find a lot of time is wasted on shoot day as a result of a lack of planning. By preparing a shot list we will ensure we are both on the same page and can quickly move from one shot to the next.
+ simplify your requirements. Sets (ie the styled background we will be photographing your product in) take time to construct. And the more sets you require equals more shooting time.
+ prioritise your shot list. We'll then focus on capturing the must have images at the start of your session and, if we have time, we can capture some of your nice to have but not essential images.
+ make sure your products are ready to be photographed. Before your session I will provide tips on what to bring to your session and what needs to be prepared in advance. Doing these things will speed up shooting. 

This costs more than I thought, is there a way to reduce the cost?

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