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Jennifer Schmidt is a collective of business owners supporting business owners. We specialise in helping food businesses stand out from the crowd, increase their customer base and brand awareness.

We’re a one stop shop for all your visual, branding, website and social media marketing needs.

Our team is dedicated to bringing your brand to life through visuals that create an impact and strategic social media marketing. Our team consists of a photographer and stylist, web developer, graphic designer and social media manager.

Our passion is to tell your story. We live, breathe and love food and are dedicated to helping you with creative visual and social media strategies so you can focus on what you do best.

Our Secret Sauce

What set us apart.

People trust us because we are passionate about what we do, we listen, think critically, and believe in helping you surpass your goals. 

We deliver results because we are driven to see you succeed. That drives us to build engaging visuals that connect brands and consumers.

We are passionate about what we do and have a genuine appreciation and dedication to delivering the best results for our clients.

We ask the right questions

We don't just do. We're curious. We aim to understand your goals, customers and your vision.

We listen to our clients carefully

When you speak we listen. We care about helping you succeed and achieve the results you desire.

We provide custom solutions

There is no one size fits all approach. We tailor solutions to feet the unique needs of your brand and business.

Meet the team

Let us introduce ourselves.

Jennifer Schmidt

Photographer, Brand Stylist & Website Designer

I’m Jennifer, a photographer, web designer and brand stylist. As you can tell I wear many hats! It’s always been that way.

For 10 years I was Business Unit Manager and Product Manager for one of Australia’s largest IT companies heading up a software development team whilst also working as an account manager, sales manager and chief marketing officer. 

Since 2014 I’ve been working with food businesses on creating attention grabbing visuals. From mouthwatering imagery through to bespoke websites my goal is help you grow your business whilst letting YOU focus on what YOU do best. 

I’m most passionate about helping EVERY food business immediately connect with their ideal customer and stands out from the crowd.

Anne Aguilar

Brand Design Expert

Hello, I’m Anne Aguilar. I’m a brand designer for creative entrepreneurs, start ups and small business owners. I’ve been designing logos, brand identities and marketing collaterals since 2012 and I love every second of it. My aesthetic style is elegant, simple, and timeless.

Jennifer and I met in one of our online social groups way back in 2015 and we’ve been working together ever since. 

My mission as a designer is to create distinct and cohesive designs to show exactly the personality of the brand that my clients are building for their businesses. I believe that every business deserves beautiful and professional designs so they can (1) make a good impression to their clients, (2) reflect the real value of their services or products, and (3) be recognised as an expert in what they do. 

With attention to detail and creative skills, I’m here to help you build your brand through well thought-of, professional branding.

Nair Bonito

Social Media Manager

Hi, my name is Nair Bonito. My passion is taking the pressure off of small business owners so that they have more time to focus on the things that drive their business forward.

I met Jennifer through a business mastermind group and we quickly connected.  Having worked many years, in the restaurant and food industry I have first hand knowledge and experience of what attracts clients and what is needed for food businesses to stand out.

My goal is helping you create an online presence that is authentic, in line with your branding and really speaks to your ideal client so that you are flooded with customers.


I help quality driven food businesses to achieve clarity of identity and stand out from the crowd by creating powerful visuals that drive sales and connect with their audience.

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